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Working papers

To date, Institute-based working papers have been published through the long-standing CSSR Working Paper series.

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Author Title WP number Published by
2021 Jeremy Seekings and Hangala Siachiwena Voting preferences among Zambian voters ahead of the August 2021 elections 27 IDCPPA
2021 Hangala Siachiwena Changes of government and the expansion of social cash transfer programmes in East and Southern Africa 26 IDCPPA
2021 Hangala Siachiwena Populism in power: public policy in Zambia under President Michael Sata and the Patriotic Front government 25 IDCPPA
2020 Robert Mattes and Matthias Krönke The consequences of partisanship in Africa 449 IDCPPA/CSSR
2020 Lena Gronbach Social cash transfer payment systems in sub-Saharan Africa. 452 IDCPPA/CSSR
2020 Sydney Johnson,Remy Reya and Julia Ilhardt Adapting South Africa’s Social Protection System for COVID-19. 451 IDCPPA/CSSR
2020 Thomas Isbell Keeping tabs? Perceptions of relative deprivation and political trust in Africa  461 IDCPPA/CSSR
2020 Sishuwa, S Cities and dominance: Urban strategies for political settlement maintenance and change: Zambia case study with Marja Hinfelaar and Danielle Resnick.  Working Paper No. 136 ESID
2020 Thomas Isbell

Keeping up with the Dlaminis: perceived inequality and satisfaction with democracy

2020 Jeremy Seekings

Bold promises, constrained capacity, stumbling delivery:the expansion of social protection in response to the Covid-19 lockdown in South Africa

2020 Jeremy Seekings

Failure to feed: State, civil society and feeding schemes in South Africa in the first three months of Covid-19 lockdown, March to June 2020

2020 Thomas Isbell

Inequality and support for democracy – a micro perspective

2020 Siachiwena, H. The politics of social protection policy reform in Malawi, 2006-2017 447 IDCPPA/CSSR
2020 Sishuwa, S Charisma and politics in post-colonial Africa 446 IDCPPA/CSSR
2019 Aeby, M. SADC- The Southern Arrested Development Community? Enduring Challenges to Peace and Security in Southern Africa. Policy Dialogue No.14 Nordic Africa Institute
2019 Chinyoka, I.

Familial child welfare regimes: The case of Botswana, 1966-2017

2019 Chinyoka, I.

Namibia’s Child Welfare Regime, 1990-2017

2019 Hallink, C. Defending negative freedoms: Liberalism as a response to the rising authoritarianism of the Botswana Democratic Party 439 IDCPPA/CSSR
2019 Hallink, C. Liberalism as a manifestation of the ideals and values of Zambia’s Southern Province: The United Party for National Development andthe promotion of self-reliance through social welfare 437 IDCPPA/CSSR
2019 Hallink, C. Promoting liberalism in post-apartheid South Africa: How liberal politicians in the Democratic Alliance approach social welfare 438 IDCPPA/CSSR
2019 Hlungwani, P. M., Masuku, S. & Magidi, M. Mainstreaming of policies and institutions towards engendering a pro-youth, consensual and progressive empowerment policy in rural Zimbabwe 443 IDCPPA/CSSR
2019 Macheka, T. & Masuku, S. Youth participation structures in Zimbabwe: A lens into the experiences of rural youth within WADCOs and VIDCOs 440 IDCPPA/CSSR
2019 Masuku, S. The aligning of refugee social protection guidelines: Examining the impediments to their universal adoption 433 IDCPPA/CSSR
2019 Masuku, S. Government and civil society: Collaboration and challenges in securing refugee rights 435 IDCPPA/CSSR
2019 Murithi, T. Regional Reconciliation in Africa: The Elusive Dimension of Peace and Security Claude Ake Memorial Paper No 10 Nordic Africa Institute
2019 Seekings, J. The Limits to Global Social Policy: The ILO, the Social Protection Floor and the politics of welfare in Africa 432 IDCPPA/CSSR
2019 Seekings, J. Social Grants and Voting in South Africa 436 IDCPPA/CSSR
2018 Hickey, S., Lavers, T., Nino-Zarazua, M and Seekings, J. The negotiated politics of social protection in Sub-Saharan Africa. 2018/34 UNU-WIDER
2018 Hickey, S. and Seekings, J. Who should get what, how and why? DfID and the transnational politics of social cash transfers in Sub-Saharan Africa. 409 CSSR
2018 Lockwood, S.J. and Kronke, M. Do electoral systems affect how citizens hold their government accountable? Evidence from Africa. 181 Afrobarometer
2018 Moore, E. and Seekings, J. Social protection, intergenerational relationships and conflict in South Africa. 419 CSSR
2018 Naidoo, V. Machinery of government change in South Africa's post-democratic public administration. none PARI
2018 Seekings, J. Voters, parties and elections in Zambia. 422 IDCPPA/CSSR
2018 Seekings, J. The legitimacy of claims made on kin and state in South Africa. 416 CSSR
2017 Button, K. Moore, E. & Seekings, J. South Africa’s Hybrid Care Regime: The changing and contested roles of individuals, families and the state after apartheid. 404 CSSR
2017 Hickey, S. & Seekings, J. The global politics of social protection. 2017/115 UNU-WIDER
2017 Kelly, G. Ways of Coping: how medical doctors manage their work within the social security system in South Africa. 405 CSSR
2017 Seekings, J. “Affordability” and the Political Economy of Social Protection in Contemporary Africa. 2017/43 UNU-WIDER
2017 Seekings, J. Building a conservative welfare state in Botswana. 2017/83 UNU-WIDER
2017 Siachiwena, H. Social policy reform in Zambia under President Lungu, 2015-2017 403 CSSR
2016 Kabandula, A.  & Seekings, J.

Donor influence, the Minister of Finance and welfare policy reform in Zambia, 2003-11

395 CSSR
2016 Kelly, G. Hard and soft medicine: Doctors’ framing and application of the disability category in their assessments of grant claimants’ fitness to work in South Africa 384 CSSR
2016 Kelly, G. “We want another doctor!” Citizen agency and contested notions of disability in social assistance applications in South Africa 383 CSSR
2016 Seekings, J. “A lean cow cannot climb out of the mud, but a good cattleman does not leave it to perish”: The origins of a conservative welfare doctrine in Botswana under Seretse Khama, 1966-1980 387 CSSR
2016 Seekings, J. ‘Affordability’ and the political economy of social protection in contemporary Africa 389 CSSR
2016 Seekings, J. Building a conservative welfare state in Botswana 388 CSSR
2016 Seekings, J. The Introduction of Old Age Pensions in Zanzibar 393 CSSR
2016 Seekings, J. Redefining the ‘affordability’ of social assistance programmes: The Child Support Grant in South Africa, 1998-2014 379 CSSR
2016 Siachiwena, H. Social protection policy reform in Zambia during the Sata presidency, 2011-2014 380 CSSR