The Unfinished Business of Liberation Webinar Series - 05 May 2021

30 Apr 2021 - 12:00

The Constitution – Intention versus implementation

The Oliver & Adelaide Tambo Foundation hosts the first in the "Unfinished Business of Liberation" webinar series.

"The Constitution – Intention versus Implementation", the webinar explores South Africa’s exemplary constitution. It incorporates hard-won political and civil rights, and a plethora of socio-economic rights. In this webinar, Justice Albie Sachs will explain what the foundations of the Constitution are and what its desired outcomes were. He will then be joined by Ms Thandiwe Matthews who will give her views on the topic as a young attorney and social justice PhD candidate. Ultimately, the webinar aims to answer important questions such as: is the Constitution a vehicle for meaningful growth and transformation? Should it be reformed to better implement its provisions? More importantly, what are the discrepancies between the ideals laid out in our constitution and the lived reality of the majority of people?

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