Book launch & seminar: Social Policy in Post-Apartheid South Africa

19 Sep 2019 - 14:00

On September 10th, Associate Professor Ndangwa Noyoo discussed his forthcoming book on current social policy in post-apartheid South Africa and an alternative social policy agenda to create a new development pathway for the country. Taking social policy as a vehicle that will facilitate the creation of a new society altogether, namely, the "Good Society", he argues for the adoption of a social policy that will socially re-engineer South Africa. The work shows how the policy tools and development interventions which were undertaken by the post-apartheid state in driving South Africa’s transformation agenda failed to emancipate many individuals, families and communities from the cycle of intergenerational poverty and underdevelopment. The conceptual and methodological issues that form the basis for this book reside in public policy-making and the public good.