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African Politics & Society Working Group

Our African Politics & Society Working Group is a seminar series for postgraduate students.

The aim is to encourage young scholars to present current research (including research proposals, parts of, or recently completed MA and PhD theses) to a group of peers. Masters and PhD students from the Departments of Politics and Sociology who focus on one or several African countries and work on any of the following (or related) topics are invited to participate:

  • Democracy & elections
  • Public policy
  • Political economy
  • Citizenship & identity
  • Bureaucracy & State capacity
  • Rural development
  • Migration
  • Labour relations
  • Access to justice 

In our meetings, we delve deeper into topics such as research design/methodology, data collection, and writing a thesis/academic publication. Meetings take place every other week on a Friday at 12pm with a light lunch for all attendees.

If you are interested in sharing your knowledge and experiences and learn from your peers, please join us by emailing us to send your paper/presentation proposal (or to express your interest) to Hangala Siachiwena (hangala101@gmail.com) or Matthias Krönke (m.w.kroenke@live.com).