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Afrobarometer dispatches


Author Title Dispatch number
2019 Bhoojedhur, S. & Isbell, T. Almost half of Malawians consider emigration; most-educated are most likely to look overseas AD281
2019 Bhoojedhur, S. & Isbell, T. Despite concerns about electoral commission and conflict, Mauritians value open elections AD327
2019 Bhoojedhur, S. & Isbell, T. Limits of gender equality: Poor, uneducated Mozambicans less likely to see improvement AD291
2019 Bhoojedhur, S., Isbell, T. & Barry, A. With lived poverty on the rise, Guineans grow pessimistic, critical of government performance AD306
2019 Bratton, M., Seekings, J. and Armah-Attoh, D.

Better but not good enough? How Africans see the delivery of public services

2019 Chingwete, A., Felton, J. & Logan, C.

Prerequisite for progress: Accessible, reliable power still in short supply across Africa

2019 Dryding, D. & Isbell, T. In eSwatini, citizens doubt benefits of legalizing marijuana, but few would report violations AD323
2019 Isbell, T. Tanzanians express strong support for elections, multiparty competition, presidential term limits AD278
2019 Isbell, T. & Akinocho, H. In Togo, inadequate health services feed growing dissatisfaction with government performance AD310
2019 Isbell, T. & Akinocho, H. Most Togolese mistrust electoral commission, would prefer non-partisan, technical alternative AD274
2019 Isbell, T., Alweendo, N. & Moosa, M. Namibians look to social movement to prompt government action on land reform AD289
2019 Isbell, T. & Bhoojedhur, S. Cyclones add to Mozambique's public health challenges AD297
2019 Isbell, T. & Bhoojedhur, S. Despite freedoms, Cabo Verdeans dissatisfied with democracy as economic performance worsens AD319
2019 Isbell, T., Bhoojedhur, S. & Barry, A. Guineans want accountable government and presidential term limits AD328
2019 Isbell, T. & Dryding, D. Zambians see progress on education despite persistent inequalities AD272
2019 Isbell, T. & Elawad, E. For Sudanese, deep economic discontent underpins mass movement for change AD293
2019 Isbell, T. & Elawad, E. Sudanese voice support for elections, accountability, limits on presidential powers AD326
2019 Isbell, T., Jacobs, D. & Scheller, C. For Senegalese women, advancement is real but uneven AD305
2019 Isbell, T.,  Kabore, A. & Loada, A. Burkinabe see improving health care delivery, but gaps in serving the poor and some regions AD287
2019 Isbell, T. & Ojewale, O. Nigerians support elections and multiparty competition but mistrust electoral commission AD275
2019 Jacobs, D. & Isbell, T. Batswana report improving gender equality and approve of government efforts AD318
2019 Jacobs, D. & Isbell, T. How trustworthy and professional is Togo’s military? Depends on whom you ask AD282
2018 Jaw, S. M. & Isbell, T. Gambians with clear message to government: Focus on service delivery AD322
2019 Malephane, L. & Isbell, T. Basotho see progress in fight against corruption but fear retaliation if they report incidents AD270
2019 Simpson, N. & Kronke, M. Police in Zimbabwe: Helping hand or iron fist? AD296
2018 Isbell, T., Kone, J. & Silwe, K. S.

Despite threat to cocoa and reforestation response, only half of Ivoirians aware of climate change

2018 Haidara, F. & Isbell, T.

Popular perceptions of elections, government action, and democracy in Mali

2018 Isbell, T. & Bhoojedhur, S.

‘Paradise is getting rocky’: Mauritians see climate change as threat to quality of life

2018 Isbell, T.

Zambians see corruption rising, government failing in anti-graft fight

2018 Isbell, T. & Haidara, F.

Malians split on role of Islam in country, but majority feel politicians use religion to rule

2018 Felton, J. & Siachiwena, H.

Climate change, government management pose challenges in agriculture-dependent Malawi

2018 Nkuebe, M., Malephane, L. & Isbell, T.

Basotho increasingly favour legalizing dual citizenship, unifying with South Africa

2018 Isbell, T.

Who’s watching? Voters seen as key in holding elected officials accountable

2018 Isbell, T.

Separate and compatible? Islam and democracy in five North African countries

2018 Macharia, W., Isbell, T. & Kopf, A.

Kenyans say climate change affecting personal lives and country

2017 Isbell, T. & Kibirige, F. Election quality: Ugandans skeptical of electoral commission, back reforms to gain transparency AD182
2017 Isbell, T. & Chunga, J. Malawians increasingly cautious about exercising right to ‘free’ political speech AD176
2017 Isbell, T. Burundi’s national land commission: How fairly does it resolve land disputes? AD163
2017 Isbell, T. Perceived patronage: Do secret societies, ethnicity, region boost careers in Cameroon? AD162
2017 Isbell, T. Building bridges? Cape Verdeans value regional ties, U.S. model, China’s influence AD161
2017 Bratton, M., Dulani, B. & Nkomo, S. Zambia at a crossroads: Will citizens defend democracy? AD157
2017 Isbell, T. Le Burkina post-2014: La préférence pour la vérité plutôt que l’oubli mise à l’épreuve AD155
2017 Isbell, T. & Jacobs, D. As Liberia’s election approaches, what will citizens be looking for in their next government? AD151
2017 Chunga, J.& Mazalale, J. Is Malawi losing the battle against ‘Cashgate’? AD149
2017 Chunga, J. Malawians losing confidence in elections, demand reforms AD148
2017 Isbell, T.

A price worth paying? How Sudanese balance human rights and the pursuit of security

2017 Isbell, T. Algerians’ darkening outlook on economy and democracy predates recent anti-austerity protests AD140
2017 Isbell, T.

A no-confidence vote? Mozambicans still vote, but faith in democracy is slipping

2017 Isbell, T. Digging a future? Citizens see positive impact of mining in Madagascar AD138
2017 Jacobs, D. & Isbell, T. Rejoining the AU, Moroccans bring decidedly mixed attitudes toward regional integration AD137
2017 Kopf, A. & Isbell, T. Senegal’s corruption court seen as building trust in government, but credibility weakened by bias AD136
2017 Isbell, T. & Jacobs, D. A second spring for democracy in post-Mubarak Egypt? Findings from Afrobarometer AD133
2017 Kopf, A. & Isbell, T. Of the people, for the people? Attitudes toward sharing of resource revenues in Mozambique AD132