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Working paper incentive programme

The Institute is launching a student Working Paper incentive scheme. Postgraduate students working on topics related to democracy, citizenship and public policy in Africa may submit papers of between 8,000 and 15,000 words for publication in the Institute's Working Paper series. The scheme is intended to promote the study of the rest of Africa, outside of South Africa; papers primarily on South Africa will be accepted only in exceptional circumstances. If a student's paper is accepted for publication, a payment of up to R20,000 will be made to the student. Papers must be good enough that they could be submitted to a respectable scholarly journal with a reasonable prospect of success. Note that papers that are published as Working Papers may also be submitted subsequently to a scholarly journal. The model here is the existing Working Paper series of the CSSR, which has published almost 400 Working Papers including many by UCT graduate students. This scheme is intended primarily to support students who are not receiving scholarships through either the new Institute or CSSR.